Closing the Yield Gap in Soybeans

Fortalis™ is an advanced and proven crop enhancement foliar spray for soybeans. When applied with a fungicide, it is proven to help growers improve soybean yield potential and close the yield gap.

By improving the mobility of calcium throughout the plant, the technology in Fortalis consistently delivers an average increase of 4.2 bushels/acre when used with fungicide, and an average increase of 1.4 bushels/acre when applied by itself. Learn how Fortaliscan help high-yield growers feed the world’s rising population – and grow your bottom line.

  • CaT™ technology mobilizes calcium within the plant for better fixation of flowers and pods, resulting in increased yields.
  • More soybean pods per plant and bigger seeds
  • Delivers significant benefits for soybean growers when applied between R1 and R3 growth stages
  • Physically and biologically compatible with leading fungicides, insecticides, and crop nutritional products, including micronutrients and macronutrients
How is Fortalis™ Different?
Uniquely mobilizes calcium

The active ingredient and mode of action is specified and verified by academic sources, so you understand why Fortalis™ works

Produces more soybeans

Average yield uplift of 4.2 bushels per acre, so you can see your extra profits

Tank mixes with leading inputs

Fungicides, insecticides, crop nutritional products are Fortalis™ compatible, so you can easily add it to your current inputs

Tested extensively with positive results

Over 2,500 field trial comparisons across North and South America, so you know it’s just not one data source

What is crop enhancement?

Crop enhancement products are not fertilizers, insecticides, herbicides or fungicides. Sometimes called “crop efficiency” products, they are typically foliar sprays or seed coatings that improve the quality and yield of crops.

Crop enhancement products stimulate natural plant responses to help plants cope with heat, salinity, drought and chemical inputs – boosting strength and improving crop yield and quality. Plant Impact’s crop enhancement products are easy-to-use and are compatible with other farming inputs, e.g. fertilizers, pesticides and modern seed varieties.

What is the yield gap?

The difference between a crop’s maximum potential yield and actual yield is referred to as the “yield gap.” On average, the world’s most significant crops such as soybean and wheat produce less than 50% of their maximum potential yield.

Reducing the yield gap is an urgent matter to help feed the world’s growing population. According to the UN Food and Agriculture Organization, agriculture must increase the amount of food we grow by 60% by 2050. Through crop enhancement products like Fortalis, Plant Impact’s ambition is to make a real impact on closing the yield gap.

Why Fortalis?
  • Mobilizes calcium within the plant for better fixation of flowers and pods
  • More soybean pods per plant and bigger seeds
  • Physical and biological compatibility with leading fungicides and insecticides

Don’t forget our essential crop input.
Always remember Fortalis.

Who is Plant Impact?

Fortalisis a product of Plant Impact, a subsidiary of Croda International Plc. Plant Impact researches and develops crop enhancement products that growers can rely on to improve the yield and quality of their crops.

Following proven successes in Europe and South America, we are entering the U.S. market with Fortalis, our advanced and proven crop enhancement foliar spray for soybean. We’re dedicated to helping growers feed the world’s growing population by making a real impact on closing the yield gap. Our Pi Quality Standard sets a robust and transparent standard in efficacy, innovation, safety and compliance.

  • Our products have been tested in multi-year trials.
  • Our people are expert scientists who know your business.
  • Our processes are rigorously designed for quality and compliance.

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You can apply Fortalis™ for just
$5+ per acre!*
*Approximate average cost based on Fortalis™ alone treatment

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