Fortalis™ + Fungicide = Improved Soybean Yields

How does Fortalis™ work?

The CaT technology in Fortalis contains a special combination of thoroughly researched, tested and regulated chemicals. These chemicals increase yield by mobilizing calcium already existing within plant tissues, resulting in higher pod retention. When applied as a tank mix, Fortalis with a fungicide or insecticide contributes to better plant health and higher yield potential.

Download Calcium
Mobility Infographic

Calcium Mobility Mode
of Action Validated

Read a summary of Lancaster University findings on how CaT™, the patented molecule within Fortalis, enhances calcium movement.

Photograph on Testing Calcium Mobility Experiment

Application guidelines

Fortalis is tank mix compatible with leading fungicides, insecticides, and crop nutritional products, including both micronutrients and macronutrients. Apply 14 oz/acre of Fortalis with your preferred soybean tank mix partner from growth stage R1 to R3.

Continuing Education Credits (CEUs)

This tutorial gives you a background to the global needs for increased food production. It examines how to solve these needs by closing the yield gap and examines how to achieve these yield increases. Successful completion qualifies you for .5 CEU Credits.

This tutorial offers ways to improve your knowledge of plant nutrition and plant health and more. It demonstrates how enhanced calcium mobility within the soybean plant results in more soybean pods and bushels at harvest. Successful completion qualifies you for .5 CEU Credits.

Download Fortalis™ Technical Overview

You can apply Fortalis™ for just
$5+ per acre!*
*Approximate average cost based on Fortalis™ alone treatment

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