CaT™ technology in Fortalis is one of the most thoroughly tested crop enhancement products, having undergone more than 250 U.S. trials and more than 2,000 Brazil trials. U.S. field trials conducted in 2015–2018 have demonstrated the effectiveness of Fortalis for improved soybean yield and consistency. These trials have shown Fortalis to deliver an average increase of 4.2 bushels/acre when used with fungicide, and an average increase of 1.4 bushels/acre when applied by itself, with 83% of test results showing increased yield.

Interactive Recap of Fortalis™ Results Discussion

In a 2018 panel discussion, soybean growers and Dr. Fred Below with the University of Illinois discussed how increasing calcium mobility in soybeans can lead to increased return on investment. You may also review the 2017 panel discussion.

Test results have shown that maximum yield improvements occur when:

  • The risk of yield loss from fungal disease is high, either due to variety susceptibility or high fungal pressure
  • Rain is not expected within 24 hours of application
  • Soil conditions are normal, moist or wet at the time of application (same use recommendation as with most crop protection products)
  • Use of a surfactant does not exceed fungicide recommendations

Fortalis builds on the success of Veritas®, the first generation CaT™ technology product from Plant Impact that has demonstrated consistent yield performance in Brazil since 2012.

2012/13:@40 trials$

+3.1 bu/acre average yield increase

2013/14:@195 trials$

+2.7 bu/acre average yield increase

2014/15:@720 trials$

+2.7 bu/acre average yield increase

2015/16:@529 trials$

+2.9 bu/acre average yield increase

2016/17:@473 Trials$

+2.7 bu/acre average yield increase

Growers talk about Fortalis™ results

Growers discuss their experience and results protecting their soybean crop investment during the 2016 growing season with Fortalis crop enhancement, in the following comments from January 2017 discussions sponsored by Plant Impact.

You can apply Fortalis™ for just
$5+ per acre!*
*Approximate average cost based on Fortalis™ alone treatment

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