Calcium Mobility and
the Real Need for Fortalis®

Why is calcium mobility important in soybean yield?

Calcium typically has low mobility in the soybean plant.

The distribution of calcium is particularly poor in flowers and pods furthest from the main stem.

Poor mobility and distribution of calcium leads to flower and pod abortion, which reduces productivity.

No matter how much calcium is present in your soil, the soybean plant has inherent limitations on calcium mobility. Using calcium supplements and fertilizers alone will not solve this problem.

For the high-yield soybean grower, Fortalis® is not a discretionary add-on. It’s an essential crop input that you need to get the most out of your crop.

How does Fortalis® work?

Fortalis® is an advanced crop enhancement foliar spray that works by mobilizing calcium already existing within plant tissues, resulting in higher pod retention. When applied as a tank mix, Fortalis® with a fungicide or insecticide contributes to better plant health and higher yield potential. Fortalis® is not a calcium supplement or plant hormone.

The CaT™ technology in Fortalis® contains a special combination of thoroughly researched, tested and regulated chemicals. These chemicals improve localized calcium movement via the symplastic pathway (through the cytoplasm, rather than only between the cell walls) for better fixation of flowers and pods, resulting in increased yields.

Benefits of better calcium distribution within the soybean plant

  • Strengthens the cell wall and plant membrane
  • Enhances the formation of pollen tubes and germination of pollen
  • Assists with the transport of nutrients
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