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Calcium Mobility and the Need for Fortalis

Calcium is an important nutrient in many crops for a variety of reasons. But calcium is not a mobile mineral, so it needs help moving effectively through the plant tissues to achieve higher yields. No matter how much calcium is present in your soil, there are inherent limitations on calcium mobility in the plant. Using calcium supplements and fertilizers alone will not solve this problem.

What these crops need is Fortalis, a calcium mobilizer with proven yield results.

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For the high-yield grower, Fortalis is not a discretionary add-on. It’s an essential crop input that you need to get the most out of your crop.

University tests validate CaT mode of action

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So How Much?

The cost of Fortalis alone treatment is approximately $5+ per acre.
Use the sample soybean ROI Calculator to estimate your investment potential.

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How does Fortalis work?

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What are biostimulants?

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You can apply Fortalis™ for just
$5+ per acre!*
*Approximate average cost based on Fortalis™ alone treatment

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