Mobilizing Calcium to Improve Soybean Potential

Fortalis is an advanced crop enhancement foliar spray that works by mobilizing calcium within soybean plant tissues. When applied as a tank mix with a fungicide or insecticide, Fortalis is proven to maximize growers’ soybean yield potential and close the yield gap.

The Importance of
Calcium Mobility

No matter how much calcium is present in your soil, the soybean plant has inherent limitations on calcium mobility. The active ingredient in Fortalis increases your profit potential by getting that calcium moving.

Why Fortalis?

Mobilizes calcium within the plant for better fixation of flowers and pods

More soybean pods per plant and bigger seeds

Physical and biological compatibility with leading fungicides and insecticides

Proven Results

Fortalis + a foliar fungicide increases soybean yield by an average of 4.2 bushels/acre, with 83% of test results showing increased yield.

ROI Calculator

Estimate the potential impact Fortalis could have on your soybean profitability.

The crop enhancement technology in Fortalis improves the mobility of calcium throughout the plant for better fixation of flowers and pods.

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You can apply Fortalis™ for just
$5+ per acre!*
*Approximate average cost based on Fortalis™ alone treatment

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