What’s your potential ROI?

When applied with a foliar fungicide of your choice,1 Fortalis® increases soybean yield by an average of 4.8 bushels/acre.2 Use the calculator below to see how using Fortalis® can help you maximize your soybean ROI.3,4

Potential Grower Profit*
Return on Investment of Fortalis + Fungicide & Surfactant

To help formulate a more accurate calculation of your true potential ROI, please answer a few simple questions.

  1. Fortalis® has been tested with many of the leading soybean foliar fungicides.
  2. Average result over 147 small and large plot trials 2015 – 2016.
  3. *Calculation assumes a Fortalis® + fungicide treatment cost of $17.00 per acre and an expected yield increase of 4.8 bushels per acre based on past results. Your results may vary (See Maximizing Your Profit potential when using Fortalis® to ensure your best results)
  4. Contact your local retailer for more specific pricing.

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